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May 4, 2010
By James E. Novak, P.L.L.C. on May 4, 2010 6:47 AM |

What to Expect at a Pre-trial Conference (PTC)

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At aPre-trial Conference, your Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney will discuss your case with the prosecution. During the Pre-trial Conference he or she will attempt to negotiate the best possible plea bargain for your Arizona DUI or Arizona Criminal Defense Case. The Pre-trial Conference usually takes place about 6 weeks after your arraignment. The date is agreed upon by your AZ Criminal Defense Attorney and the Arizona Court's calendar. There are typically 2-3 pre-trial hearings.

If a plea bargain is offered and outlined, your attorney should discuss the deal with you and explain the consequences, the benefits or drawbacks of the plea bargain. A plea bargain may also be referred to as "plea negotiations". They may include bargaining for such outcomes:

(1) Alternative available to the prosecution such as certain alcohol, drug diversion,
or participation in anger management programs
(2) A reduction in the severity of the charges or sentencing
(3) Dismissal of some or all of the charges pending against the defendant
(4) Sentencing alternatives such as probation, home arrest, or other less severe
alternatives in an effort to avoid incarceration

Note, at the Pre-trial Conference, witnesses do not attend, and no testimony is taken. You are not required to discuss the facts of your case with the Prosecutor. Since anything you say to them could be used against you in further proceedings, it is best not to discuss you case at all. That is why it is extremely important that you consult and retain an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney or Arizona DUI Lawyer. If it is acceptable and you agree, a trial is avoided. However, if a trial date is set, that does not necessarily mean there will be a trial. Your Arizona Criminal Attorney should continue to work your case, investigate, and examine the evidence, along with other options toward getting you the best outcome of your case before your set trial date. In most cases it is best to make every effort to avoid trial due to the labor intensive cost of a trial, but most of all because of the uncertainties of involved in jury decisions. You want to avoid
the possibility of a worse outcome from a jury verdict if possible.

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