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June 14, 2010
By James E. Novak, P.L.L.C. on June 14, 2010 6:39 AM |

Tempe Drug Laws, Penalties, Defenses

If you were charged with a drug crime in Tempe Arizona, you may have been arrested. But you are innocent until proven guilty and that's the law. Don't think of it as the end, think of it as a beginning. Tempe Arizona drug charges are serious offenses, which need to be aggressively defended by an experienced Tempe criminal defense attorney or Tempe drug crime defense lawyer. If convicted of a Tempe drug crime, the sentencing and have adverse impacts on your life for years in the future.

Depending on the charges and your criminal history, being found guilty of a Tempe drug crime can include:
• Mandatory Incarceration in Jail or long term prison sentences
• Exorbitant monetary Fines
• Exorbitant Court, Evaluation and other Fees
• Drug Treatment ordered by the court
• Probation
• Criminal Record either Misdemeanor or Felony
• Required participation in Community Service
• Suspension or Revocation of your Driver's License
• Loss of the right to bear Firearms or other dangerous weapons
• Loss of other civil rights such as political voting rights
• Adverse impact on job, or future employment opportunities
• Adverse impact on ability to qualify for credit cards, home or auto loans
• Adverse impact on ability to quality for certain types of personal or business insurance
• Seizure of Tangible property such as home, vehicles, or other financial assets

It is obvious, that facing any one or more of these penalties are worth the fight for your future. But you are wondering what a Tempe criminal Defense Attorney can do to help you. Hiring a good Tempe criminal defense lawyer can mean the difference anywhere between getting your case dismissed or facing the maximum penalties under Arizona Law. Here is just a brief list of things an experienced Tempe Drug Crime Attorney can do to help you depending on the circumstances surrounding your case:

• Determine if your constitutional rights were violated during the process of your pre-charges investigation, citation, or arrest.
• Solicit the opinion of an expert (s) (medical, toxicology, pharmaceutical, etc)
• Evaluate to determine if the police in fact had "probable cause to arrest", which is the standard to execute an arrest.
• Evaluate to determine if the police followed proper protocol and procedures.
• If Blood or Urine Testing was done, determine if proper testing, handling, and transport of the specimen was followed.
• Have the toxicology retest of specimen conducted by an independent lab.
• Determine if the police officer followed proper protocol arrest procedures
• Determine if the officer had record of disciplinary record.
• Determine if the search and seizure of the drugs, or paraphernalia was legal
• Contest the amount of the drug (s) the police claim you had in your possession.
• Develop arguments based on the difference between actual possession and constructive possession
• Determine if the drugs in fact were yours
• Determine your actual knowledge if any of the existence of the drugs
• Interview, recorded statements or deposition of the police officers and witnesses
• Site visit or inspection of the vehicle where the offense and arrest took place
• Examine the facts for entrapment
• Challenge the charges
• File motions to have the evidence suppressed
• Work to get the sentence or charges reduced or sentencing significantly reduced based on lack of prior criminal convictions on your record.
• File motions to have the criminal charges dismissed based on weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Note, you don't necessarily have to go through a trial by jury for any of these defenses or actions on your Tempe criminal defense attorney's part to take place. It is the Drug Crimes Attorney's job to do these things. No magic tricks--- Just naturally hard work, training and lots of litigation experience in defending drug crimes. There should be no secrets to what your Tempe Defense Attorney will do for you. A private Tempe criminal defense Attorney works for you. They should work with you to exhaust every possible avenue to defend you and get the best possible outcome in your case. Choosing the right Tempe criminal defense attorney maybe one of the most important decisions you make in your life. The question should not be "Do I hire an Attorney?" It should be "Which attorney do I choose?" Choose wisely.

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