Felony Drug Laws in Arizona

September 22, 2010
By James E. Novak, P.L.L.C. on September 22, 2010 7:04 AM |

Felony Drug Sales Defense Chandler AZ,

"One thing the best Chandler AZ criminal attorneys agree upon in order for you to get the best possible outcome in your case is "early retention" of a good criminal defense attorney."

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If you were charged with drug sales or intent to sell drugs in Chandler AZ, it does not mean you are "guilty" and will be convicted of that crime offense. Drug sales are usually classified and charged as felonies. There are many defenses that can be used by a good Chandler AZ drug defense lawyer or criminal defense attorney in Arizona who defends felony drug charges frequently in Chandler Court. Top Chandler Criminal Defense Attorneys will fight to get your drug charges dropped. Based on the circumstances Attorneys may defend their cases differently. One thing the best Chandler AZ criminal attorneys agree upon in order for you to get the best possible outcome in your case is "early retention" of a good criminal defense attorney.

Below are some things experienced criminal defense attorneys and drug sales defense lawyers in Chandler, AZ can do to defend you case in an effort to get your case dismissed (list is not all inclusive):
• Gathering all evidence;
• Examine all facts;
• Challenge weaknesses or flaws in the prosecution's case;
• Challenge the evidence including the quantity of drugs or substance allegedly sold, or for sale, or intended for sale;
• Find and present exculpatory (evidence in your favor);
• Fight to get some or all evidence suppressed (not used against you);
• Conduct an independent investigation;
• Determine if your Constitutional Rights were violated;
• Determine if proper police and investigation and procedures were followed;
• Determine if there was "probable cause for arrest";
• Determine if there is evidence "entrapment" by police;
• Determine if proper procedures for storage and handling of the evidence was followed;
• Depose or interview witnesses and or police;
• Determine if the search, seizure and or arrest was lawful;
• Consult outside experts for examination and testimony if appropriate;
• Build and mount a strong defense strategy;
• Present a solid defense, with compelling arguments at hearings or in court, and file the proper motions in an effort to get the charges dismissed, reduced, or the best possible outcome in your case;
• Negotiate with the prosecution to get your charges dismissed, reduced or the otherwise best outcome based on your situation;

Drug Laws Chandler AZ
Chandler drug laws are strict and complex. If you were arrested in Chandler AZ for felony drug sales charges, a conviction will carry severe penalties that may include extended prison sentences. Penalties in Chandler, AZ are even more severe for repeat offenses. Arizona prosecutors want convictions and are relentless in pursuing them. They will work closely with the Police to get those convictions. You will need strong legal representation and a criminal defense for fair and just treatment. An experienced criminal defense attorney in Chandler will use the laws and criminal justice system to your advantage and favor. Without good private practice criminal defense representation, your charges are a conviction waiting to happen, and swiftly.

Whether your drug arrest or drug sales charges were in Chandler AZ, Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, Gilbert AZ, Mesa AZ or any city within Maricopa County or other Counties in Arizona makes no difference. Every Arizona City is subject to the laws of the State of Arizona. The definitions, classifications and penalties are comprehensively outlined and fall under the rules of Arizona Revised Statutes: "A.R.S. 13 Chapter 34 DRUG OFFENSES 13-3401...13-3461". In particular with regard to drug sales refer to "A.R.S. 13-3405. Possession, use, production, sale or transportation of marijuana; classification".

The AZ drug laws are constantly changing, and being revised. It is important that you make sure the Arizona criminal defense lawyer you hire is familiar with these Arizona laws and your possible defenses and handles them frequently throughout the courts in the jurisdiction for which you were arrested or charged with drug sales.

Drug Sentencing for Drug Sales Charges in Chandler, AZ
Factors the police and prosecution will consider in determining the severity of your charges include but are not limited to the following:

• Quantity of the substance alleged to be for sale or intended for sale
• Type or classification of the drug;
• Prior criminal record;
• First time v. repeat offense;
• Strength of the State of Arizona prosecution's case against you;
• Involvement of a dangerous weapon involved
• Drugs were sold or attempted to be sold to a minor
• Drug sales charges were in conjunction with other criminal offenses at the same time such as manufacturing or cultivation; smuggling, importation, trafficking, transportation
• Other aggravating factors not listed above

Criminal Defense Chandler, AZ | Drug Sales Charges Defense
It is best to consult and hire the best Chandler AZ criminal defense attorney possible for your felony drug charges. Make sure they have a vast amount of experience and litigation in AZ Drug defense, and AZ criminal defense, particularly in Chandler AZ. You will need a skilled Arizona defense lawyer who will develop a solid, strong and compelling defense against the Chandler Arizona prosecution in order to get the best possible outcome for your felony drug sales charges.

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