November 13, 2010
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You can fight your felony charges. Tempe felony charges get dropped, dismissed or reduced every day. But this doesn't happen by luck or chance. It takes hard work by a good Tempe Criminal Defense Attorney. If you face a felony arrest or felony charges in Tempe AZ you will need to retain an experienced Tempe criminal attorney. They will be your first and last line of defense, and give you the best chance of a good outcome.

Felony Charges Tempe AZ
Felony Charges in Tempe are always very serious criminal offenses and are aggressively prosecuted by city, state and county prosecutors. The best way to protect yourself and preserve your freedom is to hire a highly trained, qualified, proactive and experienced Tempe Criminal Attorney. Tempe AZ felony convictions usually carry steep prison sentences. Some involve long term or life time incarceration in prison; exorbitant fines and fees; and a criminal record that will follow you and adversely effect you for the rest of your life depending on the severity and nature of the crime for which you were convicted.

Felony Sentencing in Tempe
Tempe categorizes crimes into six classifications, with Class 1 being the most severe of crimes which carry the harshest punishments and longest prison sentences. If convicted, most Mesa felony conviction sentences are served in a state prison rather than in a county jail. The felony sentencing and term is dictated by the nature and severity of the criminal charges for which you were convicted. Each felony class includes a range from the minimum term to the maximum term of prison time the convicted defendant will be required to serve.

Tempe Felony Laws
Felony Laws in Tempe Arizona are governed under the rules and criminal codes of the State of Arizona: Title 13 - Criminal Law http://www.azleg.gov/ArizonaRevisedStatutes.
Felony Attorney AZ | Tempe Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested or charged with a felony in Tempe AZ you will need to retain the legal representation of an experienced criminal attorney in Tempe or AZ felony attorney. Your future depends on it. Tempe felony charges are not the type of charges you want to go at alone. You can fight your charges by retaining a good criminal attorney in Tempe AZ.

There is no substitute for litigation experience, familiarity with the criminal justice system and courts, knowledge of the ever changing Arizona Laws, familiarity with the judges and prosecutors in the jurisdiction you were arrested for or received the felony charges. Be sure to select a felony defense lawyer who defends cases in Tempe frequently and who has a vast amount of litigation experience, knowledge, and skills and is proactive, and one who has the ability to build solid defense on your behalf. Choosing your Tempe criminal attorney may be one of the most important decisions you will make relating to your felony charges in Tempe, AZ, and one that will affect the rest of your life. Choose one that you feel confident will protect your rights, fight to get the charges dismissed, reduced, or the otherwise best outcome in your case.

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