DUI - DWI Charges: Why hiring a good criminal lawyer is crucial in defending your charges

April 22, 2011
By James E. Novak, P.L.L.C. on April 22, 2011 7:07 AM |

How Good DUI Attorneys in Tempe AZ Build Winning Defense Cases

A good Tempe AZ criminal defense or DUI Attorney is involved in many defense activities behind the scenes on your behalf. If you were arrested in Tempe AZ for DUI or other criminal charges, you face the strict and harsh Arizona State Laws. You should consult a private practice Tempe DUI or criminal defense attorney who defends criminal charges in Tempe Court as soon as possible. Most DUI criminal and DUI attorneys provide free consultations, to discuss your charges, range of sentencing and your defense options.

Once retained, your Tempe DUI or criminal defense attorney in Tempe will guide you through every phase of the Tempe criminal justice system. Often you will wonder what they are doing to help you. Your Tempe DUI lawyer should answer any questions you have regarding their efforts. Here is a glimpse of some things a good Tempe DUI defense or Criminal defense attorney will be doing to build and mount a winning defense for your Criminal or DUI charges in Mesa AZ:

• Gathering and examining evidence; and looking for evidence in that can be used in your favor;
• Obtaining independent experts, or having evidence samples such as blood tests that were taken initially the led to your arrest;
• Reviewing evidence and determining if an independent expert should review and provide written opinions or testify on technical aspects of evidence or findings;
• Reviewing and examining police reports, the complaint, test results, photographs, and #911 call transcripts, to find weaknesses or flaws in evidence the prosecution will attempt to use against you;
• Finding witnesses to interview or depose such as detectives or the police officer who arrested you;
• Finding and interviewing witnesses who may be willing to testify on your behalf for issues such as their observations about your sobriety if they were passengers in the vehicle, or other witnesses of traffic infractions that triggered the police to stop you for a DU;
• Based on the evidence (or lack of it) determine the best defense strategies that can be used to build your defense case;
• Filing Motions and their deadlines trough the Tempe Court and Criminal Justice System.
• Mounting your defense case against the Arizona prosecution. A good Tempe AZ DUI Lawyer will recognize and act swiftly to use opportunities through the criminal justice system to get evidence suppressed, reduction in charges, modify sentencing in your favor, get some or all charges in your case dismissed.
• Participating in court hearings, and pre-trial conferences;
• Preparation compelling arguments for trial, conferences and the filing of motions;
• Working with you, the prosecution, and Tempe Court to obtain mutually agreeable plea agreement or other more favorable resolution to avoid a criminal or DUI conviction and harsh sentencing that can result from trial outcomes.

When selecting a Tempe DUI Attorney, you should consider whether or not that Tempe DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney is qualified and in a position to devote the time and efforts needed to work your case towards obtaining the best outcome for you. They should also have good credentials and a significant amount of litigation experience. If you are represented by such an attorney your chances of getting your DUI or criminal charges reduced or dismissed significantly increase.

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