How to get a copy of the police report for a DUI or criminal incident in Phoenix AZ

November 14, 2011
By James E. Novak, P.L.L.C. on November 14, 2011 10:21 AM |

Quick reference for obtaining a Phoenix Police Report for DUI or Criminal Charges

1. How to request a Phoenix Police Report for Criminal or DUI charges:
You may obtain a copy of you DUI or Criminal incident police report by contacting the Phoenix Police Public Records Detail.

2. Location of the Public Records Detail of the Phoenix Police Department
The Public Records Detail area is located at the following address:

Phoenix Police Department
Attention: Public Records Detail
1717 East Grant Street Suite 100
Phoenix Arizona 85034

3. Telephone contact for Phoenix Police Dept. Records Section
The Phoenix Public Records Unit Telephone Number: (602) 534-1127 or (602) 262-7176.

4. Hours of Operation of the Phoenix Police Department Records Department
Hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:00 PM. Days opened are Monday through Friday; and is closed for observed holidays.

5. Length of time get you copy of a Phoenix Police Report for DUI or criminal charges
Generally Police Reports can be ready for release by request anywhere from 10 days to two weeks. However, depending on the incident, it could be more or less. You should contact the Public Records Detail Unit for questions including fees for obtaining the police reports.

6. Phoenix Police Reports on police investigations still pending
Generally a police report cannot be released pending an investigation. If you have requested a report prior to the completion of the report, the public records department would usually release the report once it is closed.

7. Although you may do so, it is generally not necessary for you to obtain a copy of the police report if you have retained a Phoenix DUI lawyer or Phoenix criminal attorney to defend you.
One of the first things your criminal defense or DUI lawyer will do once retained is request a copy of the police report. In many cases, your attorney will obtain a copy of the report and all information pertaining to it from the Prosecution. Your attorney will usually take care of any costs associated with obtaining the reports as part of your legal representation fees. Phoenix criminal defense lawyer practices may vary. You should contact your attorney for instructions.

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