Arizona DPS 2012 holiday safety tips for travelers

November 22, 2012
By James E. Novak, P.L.L.C. on November 22, 2012 4:19 PM |

Criminal Arrest Phoenix AZ.jpgThe National CDC predicts 1,200 people will be killed; 25,000 injured due to impaired drivers this holiday season 2012.

The AZ Department of Public Safety issued a press release on November 21, 2012 announcing they will be focused on preventing auto accidents from Thanksgiving 2012 to New Year 2013. They are especially concerned with preventing auto accidents that result from impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol. The State of Arizona is asking the public to step up to help the cause.

Arizona Department of Public Service Tips

• Don't drive impaired due to alcohol or drugs;

• If you suspect someone is drunk driving or driving impaired due to drugs, call #911;

• Do an operation check on your vehicle before leaving for your destination. In particular, check inflation and tread on tires;

• Do not allow yourself to be distracted while driving. Remain focused on the road and other traffic;

• Never Read text, write text, or E-mail while driving. Always pull over or stop the vehicle in a safe place to text or E-mail;

• Wear your seat belt. Make sure all passengers have fastened theirs before you begin;

• Do not allow yourself to become impatient with other motorist. Risking a reckless driving charge, or auto collision is not worth it; before reacting to someone else's road rage, think about the consequences;

• Do not drive aggressive, or reckless. Steer away from drivers who are. Don't allow yourself to be their victim of their road rage or reckless driving.

DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney Mesa AZ

If you have been arrested with any DUI impaired driving with accident or other vehicular crime you should consult a criminal defense attorney to discuss your matters. These charges are all brought as criminal offenses. The offender will be exposed to harsh penalties including jail time, suspension of driver's license suspension or revocation, drug/alcohol counseling, fines, fees, and assessments, use of interlock devices on vehicles, and other harsh penalties. You should always retain a criminal defense attorney in the jurisdiction where you received the charges. They will protect your rights, defend your charges, and make every effort to secure a favorable resolution to your case.

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