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April 10, 2010

Upon getting an Arizona DUI conviction some DUI penalties are mandatory by Arizona DUI Laws. In those cases an experienced DUI defense attorney will attempt to negotiate with the prosecution or the judge for alternatives to incarceration in county jail.

The following may be available under certain circumstances in some Arizona courts:

Home Arrest or Home Detention: This involves wearing an electronic ankle bracelet while under house arrest. It is not available in most courts.

Work Release: This involves authorization to leave jail to go to work or school in certain instances. If available, in most cases you usually must serve the first 48 hours in jail then released for five consecutive days for 12 hours in and 12 hours out, and then repeat the schedule.

Work Furlough:
This also allows you to keep your job and go to work during the day. However, this program is much more restrictive than work release.

City Jail:
This allows you to serve your time in the jail associated with the city you received you DUI. City jails are less crowded, cleaner and safer. This is usually less traumatic than serving a jail sentence in county jail or "tent city."

Not all of these options are available in every situation. Many factors influence your ability to negotiate an alternative location to serve your AZ DUI jail sentence. So if you are charged with a DUI you want to retain the best Arizona DUI lawyer you can find to get you the best outcome possible on your case.

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April 6, 2010

What to expect at Arizona's "Tent City" Jail:

Every Arizona DUI conviction carries with it jail time. AZ DUI Laws state that a person must serve at least 24 hours in jail if convicted of even the lowest level Arizona DUI charge. The maximum jail sentence for any misdemeanor DUI charge in Arizona is 180 days. It is important to speak with an experienced DUI defense attorney to get informed about what jail time, if any, you may be facing in your particular case.

If you are charged for the DUI in Maricopa County, Arizona and you have to do jail time for your Arizona DUI conviction, you will most likely do time. If you are charged for the DUI in Maricopa County, Arizona and you have to do jail time for your Arizona DUI conviction, you will most likely do time what is known as "Sheriff Joe's Tent City". Yes, Tent City is very real, and unfortunately, many of the rumors about the conditions there are true. Inmates can be exposed to extreme temperatures in the excessive heat of summer in Arizona (temperatures that have reached as high as 121 degrees) as well as the cold evening winter nights where it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop to below freezing.

All convictions of DUI in Arizona carry mandatory jail time. If you have been convicted of an AZ DUI, the judge will schedule a time for your mandatory jail sentence. Most Maricopa County, Arizona misdemeanor convictions in city or justice courts require you serve your sentence Tent City. Your Arizona DUI lawyer may be able to attempt to arrange for your DUI punishment to be served at an alternative location under certain circumstances. The corresponding court will provide an incarceration document that specifies the date and times you must serve. You must bring this court document to jail or they will not accept you and you may get additional penalties including extended jail time.

Many feel the punishment of serving time at Tent City, does not fit the crime for a DUI Conviction in Arizona. Arizona has some of the toughest laws and punishments for AZ DUI convictions in the Country. That is why it is so important to retain an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to defend your case, protect your rights, freedom, and future if you have been charged with a DUI in Arizona.

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